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I am sorry to say that I won't be contining the site. 
This site was created mainly to share my passion for these artists. Now I'm going to leave you with the pictures that are available. Go to and search for oddlittlebunny and you will find my personal album, with sub albums to the mentioned artists. Thank you!

Hello Lovely. Welcome to this site. It's basically informational. Pictures, lyrics and translations, whatever. If I don't have it I can try. Here are some fun facts:

  • Some of this infromation may have been taken from other sites. Also the pictures. So e-mail me if you are mad that I took some of your stuff. I'm sorry ahead of time. Tell me if you want me to remove it.
  • I only feature bands that I know and like. If your favourite band isn't on here, chances are that I don't know them. Tell me, who they are maybe i'll like them.


<3 Webmistress

I know that this Site is Published, but there are still parts that are being worked on! SORRY FOR THE INCONVENICE!


Welcome Lover!