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Related Links

Dir En Grey Links:

Dir En Grey Offical Site

     This is the bands offical site. It's updated frequently, and you can emai the band members, (small chance of getting response).

Tattered Cloth: A Dir En Grey Fansite

     I don't think that this site is updated anymore, but it is still worth visiting! There are indepth looks at the band members, which may help people new to JRock understand DEG a little more. There also translations, images and such.

Miyavi Sites:

Miyavi Offical Site

     Offical site. Obvious. Japanese only. Damn. Recommendation: Random clicking.

Night in Girl: Overseas Fansite

     A really great site. Sadly it is not updated anymore. But the information available is amazing.

General Sites:


     This site has mainly translations of different JRock bands. There are forms as well. It is updated!